A Branding Session with Dr. Genevieve Jacobs

As a female entrepreneur and small business owner, I love having the opportunity to partner with other women making their mark in their respective industries. Recently, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Genevieve Jacobs. She is an incredible physician who embodies the perfect blend of medicine and travel in her unique career as a locum tenens doctor.

Dr. Jacobs, also known as “The Locum Lady,” has carved her own path in the world of healthcare by serving in various parts of the United States. This includes extraordinary locations like Alaska! Kentucky serves as her home base and launchpad for her adventures, which is how we connected. But unlike other physicians, she is not confined to one location. She heals and makes a positive impact on countless lives across the country.

Dr. Genevieve Jacobs Branding Session

What sets Dr. Jacobs apart? Her passion for guiding others who wish to explore the world of locum tenens medicine! Through her consulting business, she offers clarity to those starting in this field and shares knowledge she’s gained over the years. During our branding session, I had the pleasure of capturing Dr. Jacobs’s essence as a powerful, intelligent, and inspiring woman. Her love for both career and travel radiated as we discussed the places she’s been and the people she’s worked with. Getting to showcase both passions during her branding session was a true honor!

Her expertise and passion make her a great asset to anyone seeking to step into the locum tenens world. Learn more about her journey on her website! Working with Dr. Jacobs was a reminder of the incredible impact female entrepreneurs can have on the world. I look forward to partnering with more women as they pursue their dreams and make a difference in their industries. Looking to book a branding session? Inquire about my availability HERE.

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