Kentucky Spring Family Session

Spring in Kentucky always brings a burst of color, especially after a dreary winter. This year was no exception! As a photographer, I wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful blooms and cherry blossoms for my own spring family session. Life is full of so many special moments that can so easily pass you by. We loved having the opportunity to take a pause and simply welcome the new season. I will cherish these photos with my husband and our baby girl forever!

Thurman Family Session

The session was filled with laughter, joy, and an overwhelming sense of being present as we explored the cherry blossoms together. Baby Karis looked absolutely adorable in her bonnet. I am only posting a handful of these final photos to spare you the thousands we have on our camera! I know I am not the only mom who’s iPhone storage is constantly full due to the thousands of photos of gummy smiles. What can I say, seeing her face light up as we took in the sights was absolutely heartwarming! These moments are so fleeting and will be forever precious to me!

Our session was not just about capturing beautiful photos—it was about creating lasting memories. Christian and I cherish the time spent together, watching our daughter grow and thrive in this wonderful world. As a photographer, I also wanted to provide some advice on your spring family session! When it comes to planning your own session, one of the most important aspects to consider is what to wear. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect outfits!

What to Wear for a Spring Session

  • Soft and Light Colors: Opt for pastel tones like soft pinks, light blues, and gentle greens to complement the natural beauty of spring.
  • Comfort and Style: Choose outfits that are both stylish and comfortable for you and your family. Flowy dresses, lightweight sweaters, and tailored pants are great options.
  • Coordinate, But Don’t Match: Coordinate your outfits with your family members’ to create a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Layer Up: Spring weather can be unpredictable, so consider layering your clothing to accommodate changing temperatures throughout the day.

Our family session was a true celebration of the season and our love for each other. We captured the magic of the cherry blossoms, the happiness of our baby girl, and the warmth of our family bond, which is all that I could ask for. If you are planning your own family portriats, I hope our experience inspires you. And, if you need some additional support and you’re located near Louisville, consider contacting me for all your photography needs! Happy Spring!

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