Haley and Christian’s Lexington Engagement

Christian and Haley's Lexington Engagement
Christian and Haley’s Lexington Engagement

A Lexington Engagement Love Story

Do you believe in true love?

I’m not talking about a shallow, fleeting feeling that makes your heart race when you catch someone’s eyes. Although, that’s fun too. I’m talking about that earth-shattering, soul-changing kind that makes you believe dreams can come true and anything is possible. The belief that no matter what hardships may come, you know without a doubt this person will be your rock and a place to call home. True love is the kind of deep, steady, and safe love you never imagined would be yours. The kind you can no longer live without.

Haley wasn’t sure true love like this existed. She didn’t really see herself getting married, that is, until she met Christian. Within just a few weeks of knowing him, she knew he was the one. She knew the rest of her life would be spent loving him and facing every challenge side by side. They met through a mutual friend (of his ex-girlfriend coincidentally- proving that everything in life happens for a reason). They were soon inseparable! Christian knew he was ready to seal the deal. So, he surprised her with a trip to Boston, her favorite city, to pop the question.

Not long after their proposal, they packed their bags for another adventure! Haley’s plan was to attend law school in Lexington, KY. These two truly love doing everything together and did not want to separate again. With the stars aligning, Christian was able to complete the remainder of his schoolwork online and moved with her.

For their Lexington engagement photos, they wanted to showcase the playful, fun-loving side of their relationship. A fairy tale with a modern, fun twist! The Kentucky Castle and downtown Lexington gave their images an elevated feel and were the perfect spots for their love to really pop! We had a blast taking on Lexington together. These two definitely light up each other’s worlds and it was an honor to witness and capture this season for them!

If you’re located in Lexington (or the surrounding areas), feel free to reach out to inquire about my availability!

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