Carolyn and Grayson’s Couples Session

Couples Session at Crescent Hill Reservoir

This probably won’t come as a shock to you, but I’m a sucker for a Hallmark romance. I believe in the butterflies, the love at first sight, and the feeling of being destined to meet that certain someone at just the right time. This was definitely the case with Carolyn and Grayson!

These two lived their entire lives in the same city and even went to high school down the road from each other. It wasn’t until they both ended up at the University of Kentucky that they finally met through mutual friends. Upon meeting, it all fell together pretty quickly. They were lovestruck! And, the rest is history. After college, they moved back to their hometown where their paths could’ve crossed long before. This couple loves exploring their neighborhood and spends many beautiful evenings together at Crescent Hill Reservoir. Capturing their couples session here made so much sense!

In fact, there was a hint of destiny that brought us all to Crescent Hill this past summer. I had just moved to Louisville from Arizona and was excited to explore new places and meet new people. I decided to do a giveaway on social media to celebrate our move, and Carolyn was the winner! As we started to connect, chat about her vision for her couples session, and make small talk we quickly found we had more in common than we could have imagined. We uncovered that Carolyn’s mom was MY mom’s college roommate! You can’t make this up! This was our first time meeting, and neither of us had any idea!

Even though I grew up in Kentucky, I had forgotten how small it can feel for a pretty large state. Having that realization so soon after moving back was like a warm hug. It truly was a fun “welcome home” surprise after living across the country for the past few years. I absolutely loved getting to do this couple’s session with Carolyn and Grayson. Getting to know one another in a place that feels like home to all of us was truly special and so much fun. These two definitely belong together (it’s so evident just by scrolling through these photos!). I’m excited for their own Hallmark love story to continue.

If you’re located in Kentucky, I highly encourage you take some couples or family photos before the holidays roll around! Contact me today to inquire about my services!

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