A Kentucky Castle Proposal

Stunning. Picturesque. Memorable.

Picture this – you’re driving down the highway taking in the classic views of white fence-lined horse farms. You can’t get enough of the rolling hills in this beautiful patch of Kentucky heartland. When all of a sudden you have to blink in disbelief. Did you just see what you think you saw? Suddenly you’re looking up at a castle that looks like it dropped straight out of a fairytale. You aren’t dreaming! You’ve just found yourself at The Kentucky Castle! Growing up in the Bluegrass, and driving by often, I always dreamed of what a Kentucky Castle proposal would be like. Little did I know, one day I would get to celebrate one with the sweetest couple!

Austin knew that a Kentucky castle proposal would be something Jonelle would forever treasure. Just 20 minutes from this stunning boutique hotel and wedding venue is Lexington, KY – the city that houses the University of Kentucky, where our lovebirds met and fell in love. So, this was a place that held fond memories and dreams for each of them.

How the Kentucky Proposal Went Down

When planning to propose, Austin knew he would need a good cover story. Heading back to their old stomping grounds to visit friends was the perfect excuse! Weeks in advance, Austin contacted me, Carol Lynn Events, and their wonderful friends to fully bring his vision to life. I was SO excited when I heard about his plans to surprise her and counted down the days to their proposal!

After a fun morning of reminiscing on days gone by, he told her he made plans for them to have brunch on the castle rooftop. So, she knew she would be in for an amazing time, but had no idea what was really in store as she rounded the corner after coming up the elevator. As Austin got down on one knee, his emotions took over. It was a true honor to witness him declaring his unending love for her. There was not a dry eye around as he asked Jonelle to be his wife.

She said “Yes!”

With the breeze gently blowing flower petals around them, Jonelle paused for just a moment to soak it all in. She wanted to be fully present. She quietly said “yes,” as she could barely get the words out with the smile that took over her entire being. After the big moment, they happily sipped champagne and traipsed around the grounds, taking in the rich summer scenery and hilltop views. This beautiful moment in time was the perfect foreshadowing to how these two will soon stroll into their happily ever after. 

A huge thank you to The Kentucky Castle for such a beautiful proposal backdrop! These two will remember this moment forever! And many thanks to Jonelle and Austin for trusting me to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment!

If you’re located in Kentucky and are seeking out a proposal, engagement or wedding photographer at the castle or beyond, reach out to me today! I’d love to capture life’s greatest moments for you!

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