6 Joy-Filled Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day often serves as a reminder of how lucky I am to have a career that allows me to capture true love day in and day out. Having the ability to photograph genuine connections between couples is such a privilege! I think every day with your love should be celebrated in some way, but I am a fan of taking a whole day to focus on showing someone how much you care. What better reason to go all out for your love than Valentine’s Day?

But life happens – and I know it can be hard to plan a special Valentine’s Day celebration. So, I am sharing six fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. I hope this can inspire you and help you create an unforgettable time together!

#1 Take couple photos together!

There is no denying that Valentine’s Day has a certain romance to it. If the last photo you have of you and your love is from Thanksgiving 2019, consider this a nudge from me to get some photos taken! It’s not too late to take advantage of my Valentine’s Mini Sessions on Feb 12! Picture this: you’re watching the sun set in Tonto National Park. You’re wearing your favorite outfit and you feel so lucky to be beside your person. Why not capture these moments on camera? If you’re looking for less intimate, and more casual and cozy, hire a photographer to capture photos of you two at your favorite date spot, at a park, or in your home! Regardless of where they’re taken, these photos will serve as a reminder of your love for one another and have you feeling so connected afterwards. You will not regret it!

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#2 Cater to Your Love Languages

Love languages are important to any relationship! Being able to acknowledge your partner’s love language is vital in showing your love for them and keeping that spark alive! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to make sure they know how much you care. If your partner’s love language is acts of service, spend the day doing thoughtful things for them. Such as making them a coffee in the morning, or running an errand they’ve been putting off. If it’s physical touch, make it a point to kiss your partner goodbye. Or hold hands on the way to your romantic dinner. If it’s words of affirmation, a thoughtful note letting them know what you appreciate about them can go a long way. If they appreciate gifts, think of something you could give them that would make them smile. (Hint-it doesn’t have to break the bank!). For quality time-see some ideas below!

#3 Host a self-care night

There is a lot of pressure to go out and do something on Valentine’s Day. But, let’s be real some of us are homebodies! If you’d would rather stay it, but still want to plan something romantic, a self-care night is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Run a bubble bath, pour some champagne or wine, turn on music, relax, and use this opportunity to have deep and meaningful conversations. You can even put face masks on together (if your man will let you!), take turns giving each other massages, and just enjoy each others company. Self-care might even look like taking a night off of cooking and ordering a pizza to share! A relaxing night at home is sometimes all you need reconnect.

#4 Book a Staycation

No need for big travel expenses on the holiday! Use February 14th as an excuse to explore your backyard and book a hotel room in your town or a surrounding town for a night. You can clean the living room tomorrow! You deserve to change up your scenery and have one night of pure relaxation in a crisp and clean hotel room. It’s a win-win! You get to feel like you’re on a mini vacation without breaking the bank. If you want to go big, order room service, take advantage of the hotel spa, or visit the hotel bar for some drinks. Pamper yourself – that’s what the day is all about!

#5 Try a New Restaurant

Travel the world in your own city! As someone who is a notably picky eater, I have to admit that some of my best meals have been when I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried something new. It could be a brand new type of cuisine or a different meal at your favorite style of restaurant! New foods can be a fun way to be adventurous without leaving your city limits!

#6 Try a New Activity

There’s nothing like making new memories with your partner! Use the holiday as a push to try something new with one another. Whether that be taking a yoga or dance class, painting the same picture on canvases, or finally building up the courage to sing karaoke together. These new experiences will bring you and your partner closer together and make your bond that much stronger. This will be a new experience you two can cherish and remember forever, and possibly become something you fall in love with! 

Valentine’s Day is your day to celebrate your love and commitment to your partner and your relationship. It’s easy to get caught up in our everyday lives that sometimes we simply forget to remind our partner how important and special they are to us. Use these celebration tips to help guide you in your planning and create a day for you and your partner you will not soon forget.

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