4 Reasons Why You Need to Do an Engagement Session with your Wedding Photographer

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If you know me, you know how much I adore engagement sessions! Every time I open up an inquiry email or I’m referred to someone from a previous client, I am over the moon excited! Engagements are to be celebrated and your photos should should showcase the pure joy you have found in your love. Oftentimes, as I’m capturing photos for the couple, my mind starts to wander… “I wonder what her dress is going to look like!” “I have the perfect pose for them to try if she has this type of veil.” While it’s not always realistic to have your engagement photographer and wedding photographer be the same person, I wanted to share with you 4 reasons why you should have an engagement session with your wedding photographer if your plans allow!

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Reason #1: It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other before the big day

Being comfortable with your wedding vendors on one of the most romantic, life-changing days of your life is crucial! You shouldn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable with the person that will be following you around and sharing in very intimate moments on your wedding day! I want my couples to know that they have a friend and built-in support system they can trust- who also happens to be taking photographs they will treasure for the rest of their lives. When my couples opt in for an engagement session beforehand, it allows me to get to know them that much better. And building relationships with my couples is why I do what I do! It shows me a glimpse into your relationship and what is special about your romance. That will translate into images that truly tell your love story and are both beautiful and Pinterest-worthy, and totally unique to you. I love revisiting the place you met, where you had your first date or a space that allows the two of you to totally be yourselves. The more comfortable I can be with my couples, the better. At the end of the day, I want you to be as excited as I am to be with you throughout the entire wedding season!

Reason #2: You’ll feel more confident

Oftentimes when you hire a photographer for your wedding, you have an idea of what their editing style is and certain poses they may have you try out. Other than that, it’s a lot of praying that they are able to capture your moments in time! If I offer just one recommendation for having an engagement session with your wedding photographer beforehand, it’s so you have peace of mind and feel more confident. Knowing how the photographer shot your engagement photos and how in love with them you are, you’ll know that your wedding day will be that much more special and breathtakingly beautiful! You can walk into your day confident that I understood the assignment! Plus, it opens up the dialogue for feedback. If you loved the photos of you and your partner holding hands and laughing, you can absolutely ask to do more of those on your wedding day. Which brings me to my next point.

Reason #3 You’ll understand your photographer’s posing system

If you ever scroll through Pinterest, you may start to see a pattern in different couple poses. Most photographers, too, have their go-to’s! After completing an engagement session with you, I will be able to pick up on what poses worked best for you and felt the most natural. Some of my AK couples love to run around and make each other laugh, while others like to be more intimate and hold each other close. Some love a mix of both! Knowing your relationship and how you and your partner are most comfortable will translate through the photos and allow for me to know which poses to work with on your wedding day. You may even be able to read your photographer’s mind after working with them more than once and understanding their style. That’s the best feeling ever and makes the photos super organic and natural!

Reason #4 You’ll have so much fun!

Engagement photos are meant for you and your other half more than anyone else! These sessions allow for us to capture a specific moment within the pages of your love story. Trying out different poses and outfits, laughing with each other, and allowing yourself to be giddy over the fact that you get to marry your best friend is what this is all about! It is so fun to have a relaxing time with you two and allows me the opportunity to get to know you better before you tie the knot. Plus, you guys are able to spill your plans for the wedding and what details you are thinking of! I love hearing the behind-the-scenes scoop!

If you are ready to get those jitters out of the way before the wedding, then I would urge you to schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer. To recap, it’s a great way to get to know each other before your big day. It’s so important to see how your photographer is behind the camera and getting to interact with each other before your wedding is crucial. I never want to take photos that don’t align with you, so getting insight into your story is a major plus for everyone involved! You’ll feel more comfortable having already worked together, you’ll understand my posing style, and you’ll have tons of fun!

If you’re having a destination wedding, no problem! Most photographers love to travel, including myself! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to potentially book me for your upcoming wedding! Did you do an engagement session with your wedding photographer? Comment down below and let me know! I’d love to hear your experience!

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