A Classy Desert Wedding in Rio Verde, Arizona

couple kisses at their desert wedding venue

If I could sum Kelsey and Brandon up in one word, it would be “fun.” This entertaining couple radiated joy throughout their entire wedding day. The duo had their guests laughing during their vows, dancing up a storm during the reception, and smiling from ear to ear from the time they walked down the aisle until the last person left the desert wedding venue. Overall the entire day was full of laughter and so much love.

These two met casually while working out at the same Crossfit gym. They stayed acquaintances for a little while – hanging out with mutual friends and taking the same workout classes. However, when Kelsey decided to leave teaching and undergo a major career shift into sales (I can relate to that!), she ended up working at the same company as Brandon! Clearly the Lord had His hand in this one! It was there that these two went from acquaintances to friends to best friends to falling in love. Just a little over two years later, Brandon knew it was the perfect time to pop the question. And, Kelsey, obviously said yes!!!

As they began wedding planning, they knew that they wanted their day to be (above all else) fun! This special day would serve as an opportunity to celebrate with those they loved most. We ordered our timeline around that priority, and it was everything they wanted and more! Huge thank you to the vendors they chose to honor them on their wedding day!

Wedding Vendors:

Verde River Golf & Social Club  – Venue

If you are getting married in 2023, please reach out to me today! I would love to be a part of your special day!

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