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Home. Your nest. The one place that is truly yours, where you can be your most authentic self and feel most relaxed and at peace. Where you long to be during your work day and the place that can be the hardest to leave. It’s where your story begins every morning, and where you dream your biggest dreams at night. Maybe it’s where the story of your family began the day you came home with a tiny dream come true. If the purpose of photography is to tell your story, then the perfect place to start is in your home with an indoor lifestyle session!

The Zamoras knew there would be no better place to capture this beautiful season with baby Cal. Now I might be obsessed with indoor lifestyle family sessions! Drew and Laine are the absolute sweetest couple. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to capture several seasons of their marriage, and it was an honor to be invited into their home this summer to capture the most precious moments of them with their newest addition! The bond they share is so apparent, and their genuine joy just contagious!

What is a lifestyle session?

A “lifestyle” session is an in-home session that showcases how you live and love in your natural habitat. As always, the focus is on the connection you have with your loved ones. These can be for couples or families with kids of any age! When doing a lifestyle session, I recommend choosing 1-2 rooms in the house that have plenty of natural light. Before your photographer comes over, tidy up those spaces as much as possible. But don’t stress too much if your house doesn’t look like it was just staged for an HGTV show. I always offer to help rearrange things in those areas that have the best light, so no worries if your place is not spotless!

If you’re looking to include an activity for your at-home session, we can make that happen! Some of my favorites are seen below, like cuddling in bed or enjoying time in the nursery! We could also capture memories of you cooking your favorite meal in the kitchen, baking cookies, or sipping coffee in the living room. We can even take it outside to get your kids playing in the backyard, or relaxing around your fire pit. The options are seriously endless! For this session, we opted for the places they currently spend the most time- the master bedroom and baby Cal’s nursery. I just loved getting to capture their love for each other in places that felt so natural to them!

If you’re in Kentucky near Louisville or Lexington, I have a few openings remaining for August! Let’s schedule a time before fall to capture your own stunning family photos! You can reach out to me here!

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