What To Wear To Your Upcoming Photoshoot

One thing I have learned over the years of being a photographer is how difficult it can be to pick out outfits for a photoshoot. More often than not, I would see families and couples overthinking and stressing over their outfit choices. Sometimes they would show up in uncomfortable clothing they normally wouldn’t want to wear. Of course, a photoshoot is a perfect time to dress up and wear something nicer than normal! But above all, you want to make sure your outfit brings you comfort and confidence!

My job is the easy part! I vow to make you feel stunning regardless of what you are wearing. I encourage each one of my clients to let go of the stress from picking out your outfits and try to enjoy the process! I have started sharing a style guide with my clients to help guide you and today I’m sharing some of the top tips for my seniors, couples, and families!

For My Seniors

Senior pictures are more often than not taken the spring or summer before senior year. When it comes to senior pictures, the simpler the better. Your clothing choices will obviously depend a lot on the weather and the location you are shooting in. If you choose to be surrounded by fall leaves, then sweaters, cardigans and warmer clothing will be your best option! I personally think browns, reds, and purples look great with this scenery.

If you play a sport, wearing your jersey or uniform is always a very popular idea, as well as wearing your school colors. I also think props are a great idea. If you are a bookworm, let’s get a few photos of you reading on a park bench. If your family owns a small business, like a coffee shop, let’s grab some photos there! Your senior photos are an excellent way to showcase who you were at 17 or 18-years-old and it’s the kickoff to a new chapter. When in doubt, don’t worry about wearing the trends. This allows for your photos to be timeless! Truthfully, sticking to the basics is always a great way to go!

For My Couples

For couple photos, I like to really see your personality shine through with your wardrobe choices. Nothing is off limits! If you like bold colors, that’s what you should wear. Maybe your style is a little more elegant and formal. Or it might be plain and simple. At the end of the day, your outfits should make you feel confident! So often I see my couples worried about what to wear that one of them (cough cough usually the guy but I don’t judge) shows up in a bad mood. Couple photoshoots should be fun and carefree, not stressful! Plus the days are long gone where you have to match! I want to see you show up in what makes you feel the most beautiful. Is your favorite feature your blue eyes? Let’s wear a blue blouse to really make them pop! You can always look on Pinterest or my previous couple photoshoots to see which colors coordinate well together. Like I mentioned above, the location will also play a key factor into what you choose! Taking photos in the desert versus at the lake will offer different outfit suggestions! We went into more details on this in our couples session blog post.

family photoshoot in the desert in arizona

For My Families

These are some of my favorite sessions! Not only is coordinating colors and outfits challenging, but oftentimes as humans, we tend to create an ideal image in our head of how it’s going to go before it happens. Let me tell you, it almost never goes exactly as planned, especially if you’re working with babies or little kids. And that’s the best part! Family photoshoots capture a moment in time and memorialize it. I love seeing the emotion and connection flooding through the photos. Color schemes and clothing is important but the way you choose to interact with the family is what stands out most.

Most recently, I’ve seen a common theme with men in the family wearing a specific color and the women wearing different hues of a different color. However, that does not have to be the case. I’ll reiterate it again (cause it’s important) comfort is key! If you prefer jeans over dresses, do it! If none of you are matching, that is alright with me! What I recommend and have found super useful is to simply pick a color palette of 3-4 colors that blend nicely together. Then call it a day! No need to stress or plan outfits that coordinate or match perfectly. My personal opinion is that photos tend to look more authentic and timeless when not everyone is wearing the same color. I love a good variety! You can also opt for a similar style instead of color like the Peasley family did above!

Regardless of what your fashion sense is, the most important thing to remember is that these photos will last years to come! What are you most comfortable wearing? What do you feel gives you confidence? I promise you – the better you feel, the better the photos will be!

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