5 Out of the Box Photos You Should Capture on Your Wedding Day

Most brides dream of their wedding day well before the day is upon them. Growing up, we often fantasize how the engagement will happen, what our dress will look like, and who our perfect match will be. 

When I sit down with my couples for an initial meeting, I’ve found several brides can go into specific detail about how they’ve envisioned the day going. Some even know what colors, flowers, and venue they’d like to get married in. However, while most know what the big picture entails, several don’t stop to think about how the photos will look. And that is totally OK! As a wedding photographer, that is my job to help you figure this out! 

In the day and age of Pinterest, it’s super common for my brides and grooms to have specific poses planned out and suggestions on how they’d like to shoot specific items (wedding bands, high heels, etc.). Rather than follow a trend, I like to break out of the cookie cutter mold and get some unique photos that you’ll fall in love with! Today, I am sharing five out-of-the-box photos you should capture on your wedding day! 

bride reads note from husband

1. A photo of you… ALONE! 

And I don’t mean portraits of you in your dress or tux, because that is a given! I mean, taking a few moments to grab a photo of yourself while you are getting ready for your big day. Step away from the music, the getting ready excitement, and all your friends. Take an intentional moment to be by yourself and ask your photographer to tag along for the first few seconds to capture you in a moment of peace. Enjoy the remaining free time you have to savor your last few sips of coffee, read through your vows (try not to cry too early in the day), write a journal entry, get some fresh air and take a short walk, or simply take some time to decompress before the action starts. After spending some time alone with your photographer, send the professionals back to the “getting ready entourage” to capture some photos of them singing karaoke (most likely off key!). Your day is undeniably going to be spent chatting with your guests and being glued to your new spouses hip. It’s imperative that you take some time to really enjoy your final moments alone.

2. A photo of you and your spouse’s side of the wedding party! 

Before you two became a couple, the groom had their boys and the bride had her girl gang. As a couple, your wedding parties now have to learn to share their quality time with your chosen partner. I love capturing photos of the groom with all the bridesmaids and vice versa. While timelines on the wedding day can be rather tight, these photos rarely take more than 10 minutes to capture and they are oftentimes the most fun to look back on! Have the groomsmen hold the bride or pull her in for a group hug! These photos can be so heartwarming!

bride smiles with groomsmen

3. Photos of you and your spouse just before you see each other for the first time.

While “first look” photo shoots are more popular than ever, the moments leading up to the first look or when the doors open for the bride to walk down the aisle are extra special. Ask your photographer to capture the moment leading up to when you see each other for the first time. The emotion, excitement, anxiousness and love will be written all over your face in those moments. Plus, it will be a memory you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Nothing is better than reliving the moment your eyes locked on one another for the first time.

husband and wife first look

4. A candid photo of you and your spouse sharing an intimate moment alone.

When I ask couples to reflect on their wedding day, many mention their favorite part of the day was taking a few minutes alone to be with their spouse. Whether you are taking a moment to pray together, laugh together or just soak in a few seconds of quality time on your special day, let your photographer know when you and your spouse plan to have some alone time. Ask them to sneak around behind you and capture a few candid photos of that intimate moment. Since so many couples say this type of photo is at the top of their list of favorite moments, you do not want to miss out on this shot! Let’s capture this for you!

couple smiles in chapel

5. Whatever YOU want!

There are no right or wrong poses or photo ideas when it’s YOUR day. If you saw a silly photo or reel on Instagram that you want to recreate, I am game! Want to remake one of your parent’s wedding photos? Do it! I am begging you, do not hesitate to ask your photographer to take whatever photos that you want taken, even if they are different and out of the box. Let me tell you, those are some of the most fun shots to photograph! 

At the end of the day, I encourage my couples to simply be themselves. Make sure your photographer captures your event in a way that will replicate you and your spouse’s life together. You will never regret capturing the little, out of the box moments throughout your big day. They make you stand out and they can end up being just as important as all of the traditional photos you see in a wedding album!

bridal party photo shoot

For all my married couples, did you snap any of these suggested photographs? If you are not married yet, let me know if one of these ideas stand out to you! And if you choose to implement them, please tag me over on Instagram so I can take a peek! 

Located in Kentucky and need a photographer? Please feel free to reach out! I look forward to making all your photography dreams come true and cannot wait to meet you!

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