What To Wear To Your Spring Engagement Session

After shooting this spring engagement session for Angelica and Joshua, I knew I needed to put a post together about what to wear to your spring engagement session! I was obsessed with all of their outfits and knew they would be the perfect example for this post!

These two kind souls met at a wedding and had a Hallmark movie-worthy relationship (they got married a few days ago!) so we knew capturing their love in a sweet, romantic way was a must! The trees, perfectly blooming for this session, were unpaid actors. If you’re wondering, “what should I wear for my upcoming engagement session?,” you’ve come to thee right place!

Wear something comfortable

This is a necessity! As you can see Angelica did an incredible job wearing flowy dresses that were comfortable and made her feel confident! As a photographer, I love incorporating movement into my shots! The fact that her dresses allowed for the couple to spin, sit, and waltz around was great! When you’re taking photos, comfort is key! If you’re wearing pants or tight clothing, you may feel restricted. Make sure you’ve broken in your clothes and you wear something that screams YOU! For men, clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident also applies!

Wear clothes that show off your personality

Are you super girly? Perhaps you would want to wear fun skirts, layered dresses, or whatever showcases this feminine side! Maybe you’re a bit more professional. A cute matching blazer set to showcase your powerhouse relationship would be an excellent choice! No matter what your personality is, your clothing choice should reflect this. This photoshoot is for you and the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. I suggest you don’t wear any clothes that feel out of the box, are trending, or is a new style for you. Stick to what you know and your personality will shine through the photos.

Coordinate your outfits, but don’t feel the need to match perfectly

I LOVED that Angelica and Joshua coordinated colors for this shoot! They went with very spring vibes with pastels and blues! Since springtime tends to be very green and colorful, pastels looked perfect for their backdrop. Anytime you can incorporate colors that reflect the current season is a win in my book! Find a color palette you love and pick a few colors from this palette to coordinate your clothing. For spring, blues with cream colors, navy and peach/blush, and florals and blue always look great together.

Don’t be afraid to wear white

White doesn’t have to be just for your wedding day! Wearing white for your spring engagement session is an amazing way to showcase the fact that you’re getting married! Plus, it’s easy to wear and universally can pop with any scenic backdrop you have (desert, field, beach, etc.). With so much going on in the background between the blooming trees and flowers, it is best to stick with more white, neutral, or pastel color palettes so you don’t blend into your background. (Example: if you’re taking photos in a forest, maybe avoid wearing green).

If you need outfit inspiration, feel free to scroll down below, visit my other blog posts, or do a quick Pinterest search! Remember, the most important thing is not what you’re wearing! It’s that you are comfortable and you are allowing yourself to be fully present with the you love! Good luck!

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