McKenna and Jared | Hudson Gardens Wedding in Colorado

McKenna and Jared

You may have heard the phrase “rain on your wedding day is good luck” a time or two. If that is the case, McKenna and Jared have years of good fortune coming their way! Instead of letting unexpected rain dampen their day, these two college sweethearts handled this turn of events like absolute pros.

McKenna and Jared, who met in Kentucky while attending college, knew Hudson Gardens was the perfect venue for them. McKenna, who moved across the country knowing that Jared was the one, wanted the theme of their wedding to be “Monet” inspired. You can imagine her joy when she locked down “Monet’s Place” in Hudson Gardens as their ceremony venue. The stars were aligning!

The morning was overcast, but Hudson Gardens couldn’t have looked more beautiful. Flowers were in bloom, lily pads were floating in the breeze, and McKenna looked gorgeous as we shot her first look photos with an incredible backdrop. Shortly after, the clouds parted ways and Dad came to the rescue with umbrellas. Everyone took their time heading for cover, laughing at the plot twist we were thrown. I never knew shooting in the rain could be quite so fun!

Planning for the unexpected on your wedding day is the last thing any couple wants to do. Yet, Hudson Gardens immediately stepped it up in the midst of a rainstorm and we immediately went into Plan B mode. This experience goes to show how vital it is to have a team around you that is willing to execute Plan B, C, or even D when necessary. These coordinators went above and beyond!

Instead of being married in Monet’s Place, the team set up an indoor tent ceremony in no time! McKenna, Jared, and the entire wedding party had the best attitudes as they kept their focus on what was most important: marrying this beautiful couple!

Life will hand you lemons but it’s up to us to make lemonade. No matter what obstacles come up on your wedding day, you have a choice to let it hinder you or to simply be present, go with the flow, and let the worries roll off your back. My advice? Allow yourself to be upset for a few minutes and then remember what the true importance of the day is! Not to mention, again, photos in the rain can be super romantic and fun!

Thank you to the newlyweds for having so much joy even when things didn’t work out as planned! McKenna and Jared were a true pleasure to shoot and work with. I’m wishing them a lifetime of love, happiness, and many blessings! With the help of the rain, I think they have “luck” covered!

Vendors for the day:

Hudson Garden Weddings

Madelyn Claire Floral

Brilliant Bridal Denver

The Borrowing Bride – Rentals

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  1. Marsha says:

    Absolutely love this!!! Thank YOU Amanda for making their day perfect even with the rain. Your wonderful attitude and help with Plan B,C, and D helped all of us feel confident and joyful in the midst of change!

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